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everything to do with the loss receiver torrey smith based yesterday and will face for the rest of his life. it struck a powerful emotional chord and left him in tears. the emotional focus turned from tragedy to victory. his second quarter touchdown. in the third quarter, smith with the big play on a crossing pattern and he turns it on for a 32-yard gain in setting the way for ray rice to go in for a touchdown in the third quarter. smith delivered yet again with the touchdown reception and pulled the ravens within two points. two touchdowns and the game ball, that he will place in his brother's casket when he buries him later this week. he played the game of his life on the same day that death
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forever changed his life. >> it was tough. i did not know by four o'clock if i was going to play or not. i only had about an hour's sleep. i texted and said i was going to play. she said he would have wanted you to play. mired deep me so much. >> an amazing evening, we did he admired me so much. >> dustin of also had -- justin tuck, as in just inside the goal post. lowell melser joins us live from m&t bank stadium. >> as you pointed out, last night's game was emotional on so many different levels. torrey smith dealing with the
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passing of his brother, and then we had all the questionable calls from the referees during the game, and the last minute game winning field goal, leaving ravens fans exhausted today. sunday night's ravens-patriots game was fueled by a motion, awin ravens fans or more than happy to take. >> it was exciting, because the score was close. >> as any fan knows, it was anything but a normal game. before it even started, a disturbing new saturday concerning wide receiver torrey smith that his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. he posted on twitter, "i cannot believe my little brother is gone. be thankful for your loved ones and tell them you love them."
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>> is a tough situation. i am glad i was here with my family. i look forward to going onto next thursday. >> then there was the question of the officiating. >> terrible, terrible. the officiating prove they were replacements. >> 24 penalties were called and after the game winning field- goal, coach bill belichick is seen grabbing an official. >> you should not have to sit there on the sideline in tell the official what the correct call or what the correct procedure is on that particular play. >> it represents the boiling point in the leak when it comes to replacement refs and continues to impact the gain in a negative way. >> every little detail is magnified, and then to have the officiating mess it up.
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>> as far as the fans, it is being noticed, too. >> there were a lot of pushing and shoving penalties that might have been called that were not called. >> ismael tells me the only way to possibly get the old referees to come back would be for the owners to get cornball. that will be back here -- to get more involved. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> ravens fans also got a glimpse of the man known as baltimore batman at last night's game. he has struck again. it was all caught on camera. he lasted more than a minute before the six security guards took him down. on his chest -- on his chest it
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reads "don't be a bully, be a super hero." for punishment, he is facing a number of charges including disturbing the peace and trespassing. >> you cannot forget the orioles. today was a double header against the toronto blue jays and it is happening right now camden yards. here is a live look from skyteam 11. right now the score is tied at 0-0 in the top of the fourth inning. stay with us for late breaking details. >> all officially got underway this weekend. it feels like it out there, a chilly morning all across the region. the attack -- ohio valley, great lakes, 36 around cincinnati and
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many of the outlying areas around baltimore hit below 40. 70 downtown, low 60's in the outlying areas and 54 degrees at open this afternoon. will be a chilly night, 43 in the suburbs. follow certain here. the sun set at 7:00. the last time it sun sets at 7:00. >> last summer's derecho knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of bge customers. under current regulations, the ge got to charge consumers for one day a power they did not receive. tonight, state regulators are looking into whether they should prohibit the practice. david collins joins us live from downtown with the latest. >> the bottom line is whether bge customers should assume part
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of the cost of a power outage. they are looking at whether to reverse their own ruling on it. the june 29 derecho knocked out power to his many as 762,000 bge customers. most of them would get a slight brake on their bill. the logic, they cannot charger for something you do not have. but maryland regulators allow utilities to recoup losses during the first 24 hours. the derecho cost bge $629,000 in just plain it -- in just one day in lost sales. consumers ended up paying about 49 cents extra for power they did not use. it only applies to the first 24 hours. >> based on the fact that we have fixed expenses, this is about our ability to continue to reinvest in the infrastructure,
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and whether there is a derecho, a hurricane, or anything along those lines, we still have fixed costs. >> consumers are outraged, mostly because of the principal. consumers complain over the course of the summer about the cost of replacing food, medical expenses, and hotel rooms, for example. [indiscernible] >> the bill stabilization and adjustment was encouraged -- was meant to encourage conservation. in winter, the adjustment serves as a credit on consumers' bill. testimony indicated another option. bge give customers a rebate when their power is out. bge it contends it is providing consumers rock-bottom prices and the bill adjustment is a
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concession. >> that cover the fixed cost over time could affect the decision today, but the panel pledged to rule soon. >> an angry mob and one person shot. tonight new details as baltimore county police try to piece together a chaotic scene from over the weekend. officers say there are about 2500 people gathering in the streets since around 12:30 sunday morning. a number of people became combative and replaced under arrest and charged with assaulting police officers. about the same time, a man was shot, and police believe it was related to that unruly mob. a car pulled up beside a man and opened fire. please tell us the man was not a student and tonight the government remains at large. >> of baltimore police officer is on routine administrative leave after shooting a robbery
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suspect in south baltimore. barry simms is live outside city police headquarters with the latest on this story for us. >> the suspect was rushed to shock trauma and was in serious but stable condition at the hospital. police tell us he had to weapons. -- two weapons. baltimore police responded to robbery around 4:20 monday morning. they found a man who matched the description of a male robbery suspect. the officers tried to question the man and that led to confrontation. but the suspect engaged one of the officers and pulled out a weapon. one of the backup officers saw the officer and the suspect struggling. he withdrew his service weapon and fired at least one shot in defense of that officer. >> it happened on hunter street.
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police said the suspect was shot in the stomach and he had a couple of weapons on him. >> he had a 22 caliber handgun and a knife was found on his person. >> i saw the police cars out here and saw the rundown the alley there. >> martin says he did not hear anything before noticing activity outside his front door. >> i heard a pretty loud gunshot. around here, it is nothing new to hear a gunshot. it is a familiar sound so i knew what it was. this is one of the more quiet streets in the community, so is alarming that close to home. >> the suspect underwent surgery. chargers are still pending against him.
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barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> when the school year began earlier this month, their worst start link statistics. as many as 4500 motorist speeding past sch
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>> five elementary school students are recovering tonight following an early-morning school bus accident that sent into the hospital. police tell us 45 students were on the bus when the driver of a jeep failed to yield the right of way when making a left turn in front of the bus at an intersection. police a boat driver are in a hospital. none of the -- police say both drivers are in the hospital. none of the injuries were life- threatening. police are on the scene of a shooting in southeast baltimore. it happen within the last 60 minutes on north lynwood avenue. the victim is a man, no word on his condition just yet. we will continue to monitor the situation for any late breaking developments.
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>> a major new study panache and of institutes of help find similarities between certain breast and ovarian cancers. part of a project that could change the way some women are treated for cancer. one of the deadliest types of breast cancer is closer genetically to type of ovarian cancer than to other cancers originating in the press. the study identified for genetically distinct types of breast cancer. although liver cancer is common in many countries, that has not been the case for the united states until recently. that is changing, as the rate of liver cancer continues to increase in the united states. researchers in a chinese that a report that a well known bottom and may lower the risk of liver cancer. >> a few months ago, bonnie was diagnosed with liver cancer. she noticed her midsection was
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swollen. >> that found that it needed to be drained and that i had for spots on my liver. >> a mercy medical center doctor says liver cancer is prevalent worldwide but the numbers are increasing dramatically in the united states. a recent chinese study looked at vitamin e and liver cancer risk after falling thousands of men and women for several years. >> they found a number of them developed liver cancer, but they were trying to correlate the intake of vitamin e with the incidence of liver cancer. they found that those people who developed liver cancer had a much lower dietary intake of vitamin e. >> dietitian kelly o'connor says vitamin e is found in many
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healthy foods. >> is pretty easy to find in things like almonds, hazelnuts, vegetables like spinach, broccoli, tomatoes. >> the doctor warns the study did not say how much vitamin e the participants took. >> it is really probably best to check with your doctor first and try to get your vitamin e from food rather than its ultimatsup. >> the doctor had more to say about liver cancer and the bottom in the study. log onto our website, and click on medical alert. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> comfortable temperatures around the area. fall whether settling into the
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mid atlantic and the northeast. the normal high is only in the low 70's. you can see across the region, temperatures are mostly in the 60's around the baltimore area now. 54 out in oakland in western maryland, 65 on the coast at ocean city. the skies have been mostly clear throughout the day, so plenty of sunshine. 70 in downtown baltimore, around 70 on the eastern shore. tonight will be clear and chilly, light winds, 53 downtown. a wide temperature spread with the clear skies and light rain. the last time this year the sun will set at 7:00 or later. from here on out is all before 7:00. the days are short think very quickly now in this fall season -- shortening very quickly now.
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a shower chance on wednesday, and we will have to wait and see how far to this out these fronts can go. it is a complex weather pattern in the front may be close enough into the weekend to be near the area and produce clouds and maybe generate some showers. high pressure is transiting across the area, with sunny skies and temperatures about normal for this time of year. a high pressure centered will leave and the weather disturbance come in from the west, bringing us a chance for some hit and miss showers on wednesday. to the south and east of us, you might get some sunshine on wednesday. the front-runner to push south on thursday and we may get partly cloudy skies for one day before going back to the north.
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it will be a little tricky to nail down the forecast, but tomorrow looks like a gorgeous, fall day. winds out of the south at 6-12 miles an hour. sun up tomorrow at 6:57. water temperatures in the low 70's now. chilly temperatures tomorrow, a high of 62 and a 70% chance of some wet weather in western maryland on wednesday. tomorrow is a beautiful 74, close to 80 with more sunshine on the eastern shore on wednesday before the showers break out in the end. sunny and 73 tomorrow and the eastern shore tomorrow. were football this week and we will try to sneak that in between the showers. 40% chance of an afternoon
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shower wednesday, partly to mostly cloudy on thursday at a cool 73. then you see that 30% chance, the front will be close enough to generate scattered showers. 20% chance on sunday. >> we may have broken a record for winter olympic gold, but michael phelps is losing big bucks. >> that is coming up. >> the number one thing that >> the number one thing that business leaders from this west virginia casino.
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they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.
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>> an update on the orioles, after a two-run homer by adam jones, right now we are in the top of the fifth inning. >> just a third of u.s. eighth graders are provision in math, reading, and science. educators are looking beyond the
5:26 pm
classroom for achievement tests. >> how communities across the country are getting around a question of funding, and are the students succeeding? >> an evaluation it ranks the u.s. 17th in science and 14th in reading. awarded by states are turning to hire education guidelines, but educations know the standards are just the start. >> sorry, we have a problem with that story. we will try to fix it and get it out to you. >> the orioles in a huge double header at camden yards, taking on the toronto blue jays. >> steps to upgrade security
5:27 pm
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>> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 with dan stovall and donna hamilton. skyteam 11, covering breaking news where you live. >> you may remember the story of an infant that was stabbed during a social services visit in baltimore city by her own mother. the changes that are now in place to make sure that never
5:29 pm
happens again. we first brought you the story last spring. the attack happened during unsupervised visit as a -- at a social service building. >> lisa robinson is live in the newsroom. >> the eight-month-old was stabbed multiple times. the department human-resources made security changes to protect their clients and their staff. this office building was the scene of an unthinkable act of child abuse. a woman stabbed her infant daughter during supervised visits here last spring. changes were made to ensure that kind of violence does not happen again. >> i think some of the steps we have in place now would have prevented the knife from getting in in the first place. >> the city has 16 dss sites and
5:30 pm
they are in various stages of having their security upgraded. >> we have metal detectors and every bag that comes in is checked. we no longer let bags pasteur lot security doors. >> video surveillance is available and there are panic buttons for clients and staff. >> it has been a real shot in the arm for the department. we have the support of the secretary of administration and all my employees know that we really care if they are safe at work. >> as for the baby girl, she is doing ok. >> she is safe and fully recovered. she is in a safe and loving home. >> the new security upgrade is a statewide effort.
5:31 pm
>> breaking news from baltimore county. several people hurt in an mta bus accident. let's go to captain roy taylor. >> this is a car fire and patapsco avenue. we are in the process of getting to that other scene right now. cell hound washington avenue is shutdown. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. a violent weekend baltimore city and the county, including two police involved shootings. just before 4:30 this morning, city police were called to yale avenue and potter street where they saw a man who amassed a suspect's description. the man pulled out a gun and that is when an officer fired shots. baltimore county officers on administrative leave for his involvement in a deadly shooting that also happened during an interview just after 2:00 sunday morning. a 22-year-old man from texas
5:32 pm
became combative and reach for one of the officers' guns. police say initially went for pepper spray to calm him down but say the suspect did not stop. >> there was another murder just blocks away from where a hopkins researcher was killed just last week. police were called around 9:15 last night to find a man lying in the street, having been shot. he died about a half-hour later at the hospital. investigators are looking into the shooting death of a man found in the basement of an east baltimore home in early yesterday morning. in this case, authorities also believe two armed men shot him. police have not released information on the suspects in either case. aside from the ravens last minute when, all, on camera mark
5:33 pm
harvey went on the field wearing his signature takes into him by ellen degeneres. in spite of the good intentions, that man does not go unpunished. he was placed under arrest at the game, charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace. >> war breaking news, -- more breaking news from captain roy taylor. >> this is the bus incident you were talking about earlier. we see at least for medics on station now -- correction, 5 medics now on the scene. we are not sure exactly what the bus collided with or what the injuries are. we are trying to figure out the
5:34 pm
accident scene. as we do, we will update you. >> zoo officials and animal lovers are devastated tonight following the death of a panda cub less than a week after was born. >> there was no outward sign of trauma. find out what went wrong, coming up. >> the new effort in new
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eliminates odors for continuous freshness, so you can breathe happy. >> we are keeping a close eye on the game at camden yards right now. the orioles are ahead but the blue jays just made their lead a little longer. baltimore will be playing two games today in their chase for the american league east. >> officials at the national zoo in washington d.c. are mourning the death of a panda cub born just over a week ago. it was found dead in its pen.
5:38 pm
an autopsy for the animal will be performed. it was likely a female. there was evidence that she nursed, but how much is unknown. >> deliver felt a little bit hard in places and it appeared abnormal -- the liver. it can suggest there was a liver component to the deaths, but we will not know until we get the slides back and our pathologists are able to examine it. >> zoo officials are keeping an eye on the mother using a web .owcam results are expected in about two weeks. >> some new york high school students are offering a new
5:39 pm
service, the so-called morning after pill. last year the health department decided to make it available to students and the pilot program and has expanded to 13 schools. parents of all 13 schools involved were notified and given the chance to opt out. >> just six weeks to go before election day. today's race for the white house has been all about foreign policy. president obama heads to new york were right -- where he will address the un tomorrow. each focused on the wave of anti-american pilots, but mitt romney says it is a crisis that he could have managed better. >> these are not bombs in the road, these are human lives. these are developments we do not want to see.
5:40 pm
>> the president plans to make campaign appearances were like the one he made on the view. issue in speech will be aimed mostly at american voters. >> coming up, extremely frustrating. >> we will have details, but first -- >> is a bridal show like no other. >> fall arrives with some chilly temperatures but there
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>> the june derecho storm was met by outraged by hundreds of thousands of bge customers left in the dark. the controversial practice that allows utilities to collect from you even when your power goes out. a new law soon to take effect to help you stay fit. >> a look back at the ravens' >> a lgrowing out your hairs' can mean split ends, which i don't like. so pantene dared me. skip a trim. pantene beautiful lengths. the pro-v keratin protection system, helps prevent breakage and repairs split ends and the program donates $1,000,000 to help woman fighting cancer. so getting longer stronger hair also means i care, that i like! beautiful lengths from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. from this west virginia casino.. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia...
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casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. >> an update on the breaking news we brought you in the last 15 minutes. an mta bus crash in baltimore county. skyteam 11 is still over the scene. >> from what we understand, the bus driver allegedly slammed on his brakes abruptly.
5:44 pm
we do not know why, but what we are hearing, about 10 people were claiming to be injured from the bus incident at this location. there are numerous medics on the scene and quite a few people will be transported to local hospitals. they all appear to be what is called priority three, but they need to be checked out. baltimore police have shut down that entire stretch of hammond's very road at randall avenue. that is what is going on down here. i am captain roy taylor. >> it is an event designed to inspire brides to be in contribute to a nonprofit that supports women going through difficult time. kim dacey has details on the brides against breast cancer bridal show. >> the young designers at the maryland academy of couture arts
5:45 pm
are prepping in getting credit for big show. it is the first bridal show called cinderella, a fairytale wedding. >> it is an experience for the bride and her guests to come with her. that it to enjoy some fantastic food and champagne, custom lannan and flowers and then a phenomenal fashion show. >> all of the proceeds note to the nonprofit brides against breast cancer. >> they help families that have been affected by this. there are many programs that can help with financial aid. that is what they are there for parry >> as maria can attest, that is something that goes a long way towards helping patients through a difficult time. >> we think it is only the person of, but it is not. is the people around them that are involved. they need support.
5:46 pm
there are many issues there. i think this organization can be there for them. that means a whole lot, from my experience. >> maria helped arrange the event. october 2 and third at 6:30 in the evening. you can get ideas about things like accessories and shoes, you will get a chance to buy some of the wedding gowns on display. >> the cinderella dream wedding gown, the final down of the event is the one that is going to be auctioned off. >> i am very excited and very happy to do that. >> there are hoping to donate $10,000 to brides against breast cancer. for tickets, go to our website, >> a special visit to kids at
5:47 pm
belle grove elementary. the school was selected as one of 50 to get that special trip. the van drops of three books and helps prevent -- helps prepare kids for the single day dedicated to raising awareness for early literacy. that is october 4. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a high temperature today only 68 degrees at bwi marshall. a cool, fall air mass moving across the region. the morning low at 51, it is possible we will call to that before midnight tonight and set a new low before the night is over. 39 was the record low, set in 1983. the record i was just a couple of years ago.
5:48 pm
a healthy deficit as far as precipitation for the year goes. we should have over 30 inches and we have only had 24.3 so far. there are some showers in the forecast this week so we might make up a little bit of ground later. mainly clear skies, beautiful weather for the orioles playing baseball downtown. temperatures have been stuck in the 50's in the far western maryland towns all day long. right around baltimore, clear sky and nearly calm wind. the last 7:00 sunset this year. from here on out the sun goes down before 7:00 p.m. tomorrow will be a nice day, and the fronts to the west of us will crowd in and they may stall unless they pushed through the mid-atlantic region late in the week, generating a chance for a shower for several days. comfortable temperatures, low humidity and the clouds began to
5:49 pm
arrive in the afternoon and evening. there could be some showers around here tomorrow night. the best chances wednesday afternoon as the front slips through the region and then it gets south of us. hopefully on thursday we will briefly cleared out, but with that front stalled, it may double back to the north and generate more unsettled weather for friday and into the weekend. that will still have to be resolved in the forecast. tomorrow, son up at 6:57. and i stay on the bay tomorrow, although the wind will start -- a nice day on the bay tomorrow. western maryland, showers will start moving in by wednesday morning. 65 degrees on wednesday, the eastern shore is beautiful tomorrow but then the range your chances increase in the afternoon on wednesday. 74-79 degrees and at the coast, the midweek rain showers will probably not get there until late wednesday night.
5:50 pm
the forecast for the baltimore area, sunny skies and 74 tomorrow, showers wednesday, it clears out in time for ravens football on thursday. if the front moves back to the north, that could bring some unsettled weather for the weekend. >> in your consumer alert tonight, help could be on the way for some stay at home parents being denied credit cards because they don't have their own income. the consumer and enjoy protection bureau is expected to propose a rule in the coming months to make it easier for people without personal income to qualify for credit cards. currently the law requires credit-card companies to consider individual income instead of household income. the new proposed rule is expected to be proposed before
5:51 pm
congress reconvenes in november. there is a compaq -- comcast program to have provide high- speed internet to low-income families at low cost. it is an effort to close the gap between those who have broadband internet service and those who cannot afford it. comcast says it is expanding eligibility to include all families with children who were eligible to receive free or reduced price lunches at school. the families will also qualify for a voucher to buy a computer for $150. fewer people are keeping their money in the bank and that means when they need a long, they are not asking the banker for the money, so where do they turn? pawn shops. people pay their bills by borrowing money on rings, watches, stereos, and the like come and shop owners say the
5:52 pm
average loan is now $75-$100. 90% of customers still come back again to pay off their loans and get back their valuables. >> pawnshops can make adjustments on the fly. you still have to pay your bills. >> good advice is to shop around and look for the best deal. >> a constellation energy executive has bought a town home from michael phelps for less than what he paid for the property. maryland proper records show that he made the purchase earlier this month for $1.25 million. michael phelps paid nearly $1.7
5:53 pm
million. a number of the executives are moving to baltimore. the townhome is just a few blocks away from where the new constellation headquarters will be built. a new law for motor scooter operators in maryland. you have to do more than just wear a helmet. the details on the coming regulations, new at 6:00. >> play fake, joe flacco under pressure, on the run. touchdown, torrey smith. the magic is still in the house. >> that was just one magic moment. a field goal in the final seconds helped the ravens pilaf and nail biting win. sweetie, you have to scrub it first.
5:54 pm
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>> a quick check on the score at camden yards. the baltimore orioles are getting closer to the postseason, right now in game 1 of a double header they have a lead of4-0 in the bottom of the six against toronto. jones is 3 for 3 in today's game. >> you pay for wanted mission and you get to stay for road games tonight. -- you pay for one admission.
5:57 pm
>> for most baltimore fans, and has been quite a day, following last night's nail biter. >> it all came down to the final play. there was a lot going on on the sidelines with some controversial rapper recalls and torrey smith playing an incredible game, despite the tragic loss of his brother -- was uncomfortable but referee calls. >> hoping for three hours to have a game ticket for his hard into and forget that he has a broken heart. >> ready to play football on sunday night in baltimore. >> it is called by torrey smith. of flight is down. this is the end of the plate. you can see visibly said a prayer, and i think we all know the direction of that prayer. he is then, touchdown.
5:58 pm
what an athletic move by the ravens tight end. >> the ravens and a shotgun, looking over the middle. touchdown, new england. with two seconds left in the half. >> give it to ray rice, he is in, touchdown, ray rice. costs, touchdown, torrey smith. the magic is still in the house. this that is good, the cake on the way. it's up, it is good, and the ravens have been the patriots --
5:59 pm
have beaten the patriots. >> not in heaven works some beautiful wonders, in mysterious, wonderful ways. i am not talking about winning and losing. i am talking about what you see people accomplish in the face of adversity. >> well said. >> that is it for 5:00. we will take a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> when the power goes out in a major storm, should consumers have to pay for no electricity? details next on 11 news. >> the romney campaign launches an attack against the president. the latest on commitment 2012. >> taking steps to upgrade security at social service sites. i am lisa robinson, and that story is coming up. story is coming up. >> you are watching wbal-tv

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